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Market Resturants with Digital Advertising

Over 85% of all online searches go through Google. Today more than ever, Google is the first stop for most people looking for a nearby restaurant. Our philosophy is that local search, social media advertising and retargeting should complement each other’s strengths and pick up for each other’s weaknesses to help get your restaurant found and reservations booked when customers are searching for a place to eat and a specific cuisine in a particular area. For this reason, we implement a local search strategy and digital marketing tactics for all campaigns first and foremost.

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How to Grow An Audience with Digital Marketing

We know that in order to expand a restaurant’s business, we need to help our clients with 3 simple things.

1. Get your potential customer’s attention and interest

2. Get them to give you their informaiton and permission to receive promotions and information about your restaurant

3. Drive that customer and his or her family and friends to dine with you or order out.

Digital Marketing Process Overview


We make sure you are in front of your customers on their phone, in their social media fees, and on Google when they are hungry.  Your brand is showing up on their phone, tablet or desktop when they are hungry, planning an event or thinking about their night out.


Plant the seeds in their mind to spend more time in your restaaurant and increase their average bill week after week, month after month.  Then encouerage them to tell all of their friends what a great time they had and become your sales force!


Using your customer data to retarget your existing customers and nurture their past experience to increase your bottom line.  It’s a lot easier and cheaper to get drive sales with repeat customers then to generate new customer interest.

What to Expect

Mike and the team at BistroSEO helped us with creating and selling Online gift cards for Adriatic Restaurant & Bar in Salem, MA. Mike is a great professional and made this process quick and easy. We are so happy with the finished product and looking forward to work with him on future projects.
adriatic restaurant

Vini Kurti

Owner & Head Chef


Get Your Restaurant Found and Noticed


Get in Your Customer's Mind and make them say, "I gotta eat there!"


Automate the Engagement Process With Your Customers


Your the social media engagement to build and nurture your customer database


Drive and Track Front-End Sales, Reservations, and online orders



Local Search

 Case Study

During the summer months in Salem, Massachusetts, the town and whole area is overun with tourists.  Restaurants competition is extream and a strong GMB profile is essential to expanding any dining business.  That is what we were able to do for this Mediterranean eatery .

Google Search Heat Map

This is where our client showed up after working with us for 3 months on Google local searches in a high competition tourist area like Salem, Massachusettts.


Adriatic Restaurant & Bar


January, 2021

How to compel your audience to engage with you

We have created a complete Facebook Ad System designed specifically for restaurants to engourgage customers to interact with your chatbot or landing pages in order to get coupons, deals, private invites and the like.  Then retarget those people with offers based on what they share with you, so they are only seeing ads they are likely going to be interested in and want to spend their money to receive.

When someone is hungry and searching on their phone for your type of cuisine within 10 miles of their location, not only must you come up on the Google Local 3 Pack, but also have a “Call to Action” button such as order online now, or make a reservation to save your table now.  This way not only do you get found, but  you encourgage your customer to take action that will lead to them buying from you sooner rather than later.

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